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Customized Services


Kids are different with unique educational needs.

The same is true for schools.

Drawing on personal discussions, data analysis, and extensive experience in a wide variety of schools, Colleagues on Call can help design and deliver customized, comprehensive professional development to improve teaching and learning. We can also help to create and implement systems to monitor and appraise the integration of this new learning—all tailored to your school’s unique needs.

Our services can take the form of workshops, presentations, facilitation, or coaching. No matter the format, you will find our work to be engaging and enjoyable for adult learners, modeling the most effective teaching and learning strategies. We introduce research-based best practices, while honoring the experience and expertise of veteran educators.

We weave stories and humor throughout our work to create meaningful, memorable professional learning experiences.

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Our Most Requested Services

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A New Focus for Classroom Walkthrough

Customized Services

Meeting Your Unique Needs