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I want my students to walk away from science class with the same feelings I had after this workshop.

Teacher, California

Every time we sit down with John I walk away with a week’s worth of lesson plans that completely change the thinking in my classroom. I’m approaching my own planning with the same standard-to-learner focus John models.

Teacher, Virginia

It’s really amazing. He just seems to take the room and wrap his arms around it.

District Administrator, Nevada

Your presentation was humorous, thorough in covering the topic, and totally appropriate for our needs. For any district looking to make changes that are student-directed, your program is a great way to start the school year.

Superintendent, New Mexico

Modeled the concepts he was teaching. The time flew by!

Teacher, Alaska

Outstanding facilitator. Extremely knowledgeable. A true teacher.

Principal, Indiana

This was a well-organized and motivating training. The support materials are excellent. Every time I hear you, I am more inspired and committed than before.

Teacher, Arizona

Your professional stories and personal experiences made the presentation come alive for me.

Principal, Canada

The best speaker I have heard in my 27-year career. Just excellent.

Teacher, New York

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